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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Week 3! And I am still doing this?? Haha I'm proud of myself, and of you guys! This was a slow week thanks to pesky university midterms, but now I can concentrate on you guys! Let's see if I can get 100+ followers this week.

AND now to improve that already awesome life you already have!

1) Hate that feeling when you are about to sneeze and then you suddenly stop? Next time you are about to sneeze look into something bright. This guarantees you won't stop mid-way and feel miserable.

2) Need an extra phone charger? Next time when you go and stay over a hotel tell the front desk you "lost" your charger. Cell Chargers are the number thing lost there so chances are they might have "yours"

3) If you need to remember something or bring something to work, put your car/house keys on it the night before. So the next day when you are all groggy you will not forget.

4) Men, wear boxers instead of briefs. The "support" briefs provide also constrict your manhood, thus reducing sperm count and long term problems.

5)Wrinkled clothes but no ironing iron(or just too lazy) ? Throw them in the dryer for 5-7min to get the wrinkles out.