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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Denim Raw or PREFADE

Hey guys, wow this week was been major BALLS IN THE MOUTH. But we move on. Jeans are something I have a particular interest in. I want to do a sort of journal with it. Like buy a pair of raw denim jeans and post monthly results and such. What brands do you guys recommend? I am think about using the blogger funds so nothing over 200$

or I can be lazy and just buy a lazy printer.

your thoughts??


  1. i know what size jeans i wear so i buy them online and they can be pretty economical.
    i like raw denim, no cuts, bleach or anything like that.

  2. I never imagine that was the process. Good video!

  3. I'm just getting into the whole raw jeans thing so I just have a pair of Levi 501 STF's. They are decent. I plan on never buying another pre-washed or faded jeans again.

  4. i love skinnyjeans but i am no hiptster!!! its my fit ok.

  5. phew, i have no idea what good denim-brands are, so sorry.