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Thursday, September 30, 2010


So Thursday is when I present a person who strongly incorporates Alpha Male Traits.

This week is Calvin Bridges.

Calvin lived from 1889-1938. In the science field he is known for helping prove Chromosomes play a part in heredity. While this is very vital to medicine and biology today Calvin has proven that scientists can be alpha as well. Being too bored with his personal life, Calvin divorced  his wife of 3 children, continued to support them with his earnings and bought himself a bachelor pad and a vasectomy, trying to get every woman he met . The man discovered a key part in Heredity and got a lot of tail while doing it.
Alpha as F***

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So a new quarterly report from the IIHS has been released. It seems the SURPRISE SURPRISE that "no texting while driving" laws are not effective. The study shows that drivers of all ages still text while driving. Due lack of reenforcement of the law. I don't have texting, but come on, isn't it obvious? How are you suppose to drive when your eyes and one hand are distracted with a, at max, 3 in screen. It's a selfish thing to do and its dangerous, I doubt any text you are sending out or reading is equal to an accident and harming yourself or another.


Nintendo's sequel to the popular Touch driven Device finally gets a release date. The new 3d capable game player has a Japan Date of Feb 26. Nintendo is going to be the first to have a device that incorporates 3D visuals without the need of additional peripherals like glasses.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shoes And What I think

The "sole" purpose of shoes are to cover your feet and make sure you don't get yucky blisters and what not. What's so amazing is how consumerism has transformed this necessity into a luxury. A great example would be Nike and its products. From the up start of the company Nike has incorporated Design into shoes. So much that people would buy pairs of shoes for hundreds of dollars and it won't even be the right size. Nike knows that the shoe can be profitable. I bet they spend more money into their marketing and design than actual beneficial research....ahem apple. What can you do about it though. The formula works, personally I am eyeing a pair of shoes that don't do much but cost a lot.

Dura ACE

Purchased new Dura ACE Lock Ring

 Haha Shimano your stuff is too expensive.